why i believe that the Bible is true(blogging challenge 2)

there are countless people who will stop at nothing to destroy our faith by disprooving this book. fortunatly i am not one of those people.
my first reason for belief is phisical evidence. yes physical evidence. people use a facy word called logic and say that these “stories” are absurd. well here is some actual physical evidence. the story of moses for example. God parts the reed sea to allow passage for the isrealites. well now, modern divers have gone down into the salty lake to do some obsevations and what theyfound was amazing. the reed sea basically looks like the grand canyon filled with water, except or one narrow land bridge in the middle. on side is in egypt, and one side is in syria. still not convinced? well during the expidition on the land bridge they found golden chariot wheels and fossilized wood and horse/human bones. another piece of proof is noahs flood. scientists have done tests that PROOVE that a mafor flood could have happened around 6000 bc. another shred of proof is mount ararat. some people have actually gone up to mount ararat in search of noahs ark. and the pieces of fossilized wood that they found is hopefully more then enough proof.
thank you for listening to my opinion and have a very nice day ūüôā

Blogging Challange no. 3

stuff u can make out of an old raggedy sock:


1st. sock monkeys!: of course, you cant forget these amazing li’l critters with their button eyes…and…um…

2nd. a hat for your dog (if you have one).

3rd. a cloth bookmark(you can design your own :D).

4th. gardening glove (for gardening).

5th. a rag… for cleaning bathrooms and stuff.

6th. doll/stuffed animal/pet clothes.

7th. tinder (stuff to start fires((I know its a waste of a sock but if you only have one then its sort of lost its use))).

8th. phone case. I think socks would make good phone cases because… you know… their fluffy ūüėź

9th. a shoe polisher (if your one of those people who like their shoes polished)

10th. last and most CERTAINLY not least, a blanket for your pet rock ūüėÄ


have a good day!


Steamlands: by Nitrome

if you enjoy steampunk games and tanks, then this is definitely the game for you. you build your tank up as you go through each level, finding new materials and weapons to try and become the ultimate war machine. Id rate this game a 7 out of 10. for tons of fun levels but slow gameplay. happy playing and remember, vote for Nitromes new game flightless to get on



im alomost positive you’ve heard of the game that has everyone either surviving creating or adventuring? Minecraft probably is the most fun game ive ever played with blocks. you can build anything at all… with blocks!! another fun feature is mods, you can download mods to do some pretty amazing stuff. there have been some fun updates to, with fireworks and emeralds and I certainly cant forget the temples and dungeons. have fun playing, and remember… creepers gonna creep ;D

Blogging Challenge numero uno


1. Zig Zigler¬†–¬†what inspired you to help people in thier lives and careers?

2. Ezra levant Рhow long do you think will you work for the truthful news show SUN news

3. Homer Рwhat was it like to live in your time?

4. God/Jesus/Holy spirit РWhat is the meaning of life?

5. J.R.R. Tolkien  Рwhat was your insperation for writing your amazing books?

6. C.S. lewis Рwas mr. tolkien really your best friend?

7.  albert einstien Рhow do you feel now that your theory of relitivity has been proven wrong?

8. Johnny cash – what was your inspiration for your epic songs?

9.  tony robins Рcan you tell me how you got to where you are today?

10. Yoda – teach me the way of the force ;P


TODAY A BOXING CHAMPION VISITED OUR CLASSROOM! mary spencer visited our class and it was awesome she told us about how she got to the olympics and how we should follow our dreams. We even got a picture with her! have a great day!


Slender: the eight pages¬†you’ve probably heard of the new horror game that’s freaking people out. It’s basically a game where you’ve got a little flashlight and you have to find…well…eight pages. But the catch is you’ve got to run away from the guy called the Slenderman. Slenderman is roughly nine feet tall, no face,¬†arms stretching all the way to the ground, and these freaky tentacle things coming¬†out of his back. The Slenderman¬†legend officially started on create something paranormal forum. I¬†would rate this game¬†an 8/10 because its psychologically scary, not blood and gore.¬†I would reccomend this game to people 12-30 because any younger and they’d be crying.¬†I’ve never found eight pages because I’ve been ready to wet myself at about four pages.

But¬†I hope you’ll have better luck. Thanks for reading¬†BYE¬†¬†


terraria is a fun game for people that like minecraft byt want more than midevil swords and shovels. Even though though terraria is 2D¬†it has things like rocket boots and lightsabers and bosses like cthulua’s eyevor skeletron. you can defeat the wall of flesh to gain hardmode. ¬†hardmode basicaly unlocks the rest of the game, once you unlock hardmode you can fight new enimies and find the hallow. terraria is certainly a fun game that i would recomend to people who enjoy fantasy and adventure. HAVE A GoOD DAY